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he religious subjects and the portraits of Durerís contemporaries have taken a main part of his artistic work. There are around 60 portraits, altar paintings and paintings on religious subjects shown here as well as come watercolors.

Water colours paintings - This section contains some landscape paintings and drawings, by Durer by specific watercolor technique.

Portraits - by his remarkable abilities, his contemporaries ordered him portraits. Among the shown here are three self-portraits of the painter, made when he was 22, 26 and 28 old.

Paintings on religious subjects - The paintings on religious subjects took a big part of Durerís work. His connoisseurs Ė The Saxon Kurfursten Friedrich as well as Emperor Maximillian I, ordered him many altar paintings and paintings based on The Bible. Some of these paintings as well as other Durerís works are shown on this section.

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